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Harshavardhan Tammina, a highly motivated and results-oriented 17-year-old student at Keilor Downs College in Melbourne, Australia, brings a burgeoning passion for technology to every endeavor. Since his initial spark of interest in 2014, he has actively pursued both theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering a well-rounded skillset.

Harshavardhan’s journey began by supporting his school staff and peers. He explored game development with Construct 2, participated in the JHack 2016 competition, and delved into robotics using Lego Mindstorms and Spheros at his chool. His thirst for knowledge led him to master Power BI and SQL Server in 2018, further expanding his capabilities.

This dedication extends beyond personal development. During COVID-19 lockdowns, Harshavardhan seized the opportunity to hone his skills. He built websites for school projects, learned Microsoft 365 administration, and even rebuilt his own PC. This period also showcased his leadership potential. In 2020, while serving as the Director of Audio Visual at Auckland Normal Intermediate, he received multiple Deputy Principal awards and the prestigious Principal’s Pen.

Harshavardhan’s commitment to technology extends to giving back to the community. Throughout his academic career, he has volunteered in various capacities, including Tech Leader, Digital Leader, and Librarian. He served as Class Representative for two years and the Year 10 Level Representative in 2022 at his previous school, Mount Albert Grammar School. At Keilor Downs College, he leverages his skills as a Year 12 Representative and actively contributes to the KDC Events Team as the Front of House Engineer.

His own organization, Techno Harshu, exemplifies this dedication. Techno Harshu provides free technology courses and certifications to students, partnering with local departments for wider reach. Harshu’s Studio, the media wing of Techno Harshu, offers free media production services to religious and cultural organizations in Victoria. This commitment is further solidified by Techno Harshu’s status as a registered charity and non-profit entity in Australia. Harshavardhan’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond Techno Harshu. He is the Co-Director of Gave It All, an e-commerce store based in India that allows customers to purchase gifts for any occasion. This venture demonstrates his ability to identify a need and develop a successful business model to address it. Furthermore, Harshavardhan’s passion extends beyond his local community. Since 2018, he has served as both IT Administrator and teaching staff for Kids Tech NZ, a Charitable Trust focused on global technology education for children. 

Driven by a desire for continuous improvement, Harshavardhan seeks to achieve Power BI certification and ultimately become a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in either the Power Platform or Windows Server section. His existing credentials include a certified 3CX Engineer and he is currently pursuing a Jamf 100 Certification. Harshavardhan’s long-term ambition reflects his drive: to contribute at the highest level within Microsoft’s Executive Committee.

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