My Project Portfolio

Systems Engineering Folio

This is my portfolio for Systems Engineering Unit 3 & 4 SAT, which is updated throughout the process of project which completes in Unit 4. There are 8 criterias invovled in the SAT.

TaskMaster AI – VCE Unit 2

In Applied Computing Unit 2, I chose to prototype a to-do list which has OpenAI implemented as an API to allow AI suggestions and follow-ups for each task added.

Afterpay – VCE Unit 1

In Business Management Unit 1, for the SAC based on The External Environment of a Business, I chose to conduct a business analysis study on Afterpay Limited. 

Doraemon Jumping Game

In 2016, I participated in a Game Development course that led to the JHack Game Development Competition in 2016 at Manakau Institue of Technology, Auckland New Zealand.